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Dreki Adventures is focused on the Arctic regions, with special emphasis on Iceland, a unique place in the world which combines Fire and Ice to create raw and dramatic scenery.

We offer highly customized tours and special transport focusing on the fantastic nature of Iceland. Our aim is to offer unique adventurous experiences to remote places.

The Dreki Team do extreme arctic travel by special four and six wheel drive vehicles capable of traveling in deep snow, across ice-caps, and to normally inaccessible places.

Our special purpose built Arctic Trucks can also be used to carry heavy loads across rough terrain, snow and ice-caps for the likes of film and research teams.


TRIPS 2021- 2022

Planning for 2021/2022 Autumn/Winter /Spring ongoing

Contact us if you are interested in any trips during this period

September 2021 - We had our first trip back in Iceland for 18 months due all the Covid restrictions. It was good to be back!

We have uploaded some photos from the trip

Feb 2020 - Another winter crossing of Iceland including Vatnajökull.

January/ February/March 2019 - Several trips to Iceland during the winter season including crossing Vatnajökull. 

July/August 2017 - Trucks back in Iceland - trip to the West fjords and the Highlands in fantastic weather

May/June/July 2017 - Both 6x6 trucks are in Norway and will take part in several events including  the 20th to 24th May at Toyota Stavanger, 10th to 11th June at Riskadager in Hommersåk. and 30th June at Arctic Trucks in Drammen

Feb March 2017 Trips to the the south and central Iceland including Hveravellir and Eyjafjallajokull. We also had a day trip to Langjökull.

Dec Jan 2016 2017 two trips to the south of Iceland including Hveravellir and Eyjafjallajokull

October 2016 2 week trip to Husafell area in the South West to  Myvatn in the North East and then to the Westfjords before retuning to Reykjavik. Mostly good weather with lots of special scenery and Northern lights

July 2016 Amazing week long trip visiting the remote area around Askja

May 2016 A fantastic few days along the south coast including a trip to the top of Eyjafjallajökull. We also had a day trip to Langjökull

March 2016 Again Dreki visited many places in Iceland, with excellent light and weather conditions for some special shots

January 2016 Dreki had an amazing trip with good photo opportunities and lots of Northern lights

December 2015 Dreki had long weekend photo trip to experience the special light during these short days

10.09.2015 Dreki starts a two week tour of Iceland with 1 week in the Westfjords

14.08.2015 The two 6x6 trucks are back in Iceland ready for adventure

17.05.2015 The two 6x6 trucks will be coming to Norway 27th May for about a month. They will be at Riskadager in Hommersåk 6-7th June, and at Toyota Hegre Sandnes Tuesday 9th June

17.05.2015 Dreki Adventures now on instagram